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CAIA San Francisco Special Event: Sweetbridge a new approach to international economic development leveraging blockchain February 28

February 28, 2018
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Impact Hub San Francisco
1885 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103 
Free Event
A Case Study in Systemic Change
Sweetbridge a new approach to international economic development leveraging blockchain
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You are warmly invited to a gathering of individuals who care  about blockchain’s potential for systemic change. We will be joined in this community of practice by individuals at the forefront of making systemic change happen. Our goal is to think creatively—together—about how to leverage synergistic social innovations and social enterprises to create broad-ranging social change.

Systemic thinking is needed to help the social enterprise and social innovation sectors access the support they need to succeed and scale.

We are hosting an event, Sweetbridge - a new approach to international economic development leveraging blockchain.

We will be hosting a delegation from Sweetbridge.  The initiative I co-founded, CrowdDoing has been organizing a group of volunteers to help Sweetbridge. Sweetbridge is emblematic of how blockchain can become a leverage point to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. They have the potential to exponentially reduce the cost of interest for small and medium sized enterprises in the supply chain. Because Sweetbridge is probably one of the most at-scale efforts currently underway using  the blockchain for constructive purposes, they are an ideal case study for the Bay Area systemic change community to learn more about.

About Sweetbridge’s economic systemic change mission:

Sweetbridge is a social impact project building protocols for prosperity to grow global economic activity. By using blockchain Sweetbridge over a period of time assuming growth, Sweetbridge has the potential to exponentially reduce interest rates users pay to borrow. Reducing the interest cost of borrowing has the impact potential to benefit innumerable stakeholders,  reduce poverty and  scale economic development in new ways.

'The rise of the blockchain and the new network age presents an opportunity for a new economic framework designed for a world where everything is connected to everything. There is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to anticipate these changes and create a new economic framework that addresses the issues of the network age. This can be done in a way that is transformational and minimally disruptive. We don’t need to destroy what exists as much as we need to transform it into something new. The economic power of the network age can be harnessed to pay for this transformation by building a new layer for the digital-era on top of existing national economies. Sweetbridge harmonizes these economies and applies a common framework to all trade. We believe there is a better way. Sweetbridge is dedicated to creating this better way in a new digital economy."
9:00 am
Networking / refreshments / name tags  -  Open Video Room - Share your insights

9:40 am
Introduction by Bobby Fishkin, Co-Founder CrowdDoing

9:50 am
Scott Nelson - Sweetbridge Co-Founder, Chairman
A new approach to international economic development leveraging blockchain

10:30 am
Co-hosts feedback

10:45 am
General Q&A session

11:00 am
Mac McGary - Sweetbridge President - Alliances
Protocols for Prosperity

11:30 am
Co-hosts feedback

11:45 am
General Q&A session

12:00 pm
Networking/refreshments  -  Open Video Room - Share your insights

12:30 pm
Event Concludes

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