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SBAI Annual Canadian Forum 2021

December 2, 2021
Event Details:
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Date: 2 December 2021
Time: 14:00 EST, 19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET  (2.5 hours)
14:00 EST:
•    Opening Remarks – Mario Therrien, SBAI Chair, Head of Investment Funds and External Management, CDPQ
•    Guest Speaker -  Bill Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, CAIA Association
•    SBAI Outcomes – Maria Long, Research and Content Director, SBAI
14:20 EST: Panel One: What do the Allocators of Tomorrow Look Like?
  • What innovations might be needed and how these might be impeded
  • The trajectory of ESG and Diversity expectations
  • The risk of group think due to regulatory and public perception concerns
  • What governance and transparency looks like in the future
Panelists: Barbara Zvan, President & Chief Executive Officer, University Pension Plan Ontario (UPP) Eduard Van Gelderen, Chief Investment Officer, PSP Investments Kurankye Sekyi-Out, Chief Strategy Officer, Polar Asset Management PartnersMario Therrien, SBAI Chair, Head of Investment Funds and External Management, CDPQ (Moderator)
15:20 EST: BREAK
15:30 EST: Panel Two: Are Alternatives Efficient? - An Allocator Perspective
  • The role of alternatives in a portfolio
  • Measuring the efficiency of alternatives
  • Are alternatives efficient?
  • How can efficiency be increased
Panelists: Daniel Garant, Executive Vice President & Global Head of Public Markets, British Columbia Investments (BCI)Timour Zilberchteine, Managing Director, External Portfolio Management, CPP Investments Scott Chan, Deputy Chief Investment Officer, CALSTRSDale West, SBAI Trustee, Senior Managing Director Public Markets, Teacher Retirement System of Texas (Moderator)
16:30 EST: Close