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Global Investment Institute: Fixed Income & Defensive Assets Investment Forum

September 8, 2022
Event Details:
The Fixed Income & Defensive Assets Investment Forum focuses on a range of income generating investment opportunities, across fixed interest and beyond. It addresses the challenges of allocating and managing capital at a time when the core defensive allocation of cash and bonds is seemingly structurally impaired due to the unprecedently low interest rate settings and further complicated by heightened debt levels, diminishing capacity of central banks to intervene and uncertainty about the future direction of interest rates and inflation.
With this as the backdrop, investors are presented with new challenges in managing the defensive allocation of their portfolios, forcing them to rethink their approach to managing fixed income and credit portfolios. In response, they are taking a proactive approach to managing risk, adopting an active approach to identifying opportunities and diversifying into a wider range of defensive, income producing assets.
The Equities & Growth Assets Investment Forum and the Fixed Income & Defensive Assets Investment Forum will run over consecutive days with an overlapping dinner open for attendance by delegates and sponsors of each event, which will be held on the evening of Wednesday, 7 September 2022.