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Real Estate Investment Summit 2020

October 21 — 22, 2020
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Real Estate Investment Summit 2020
Hilton West Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, FL
October 21 - 22, 2020
By nature, commercial real estate is a complicated, capital intensive and relationship oriented business. From finding and researching a commercial real estate asset, to negotiating its price and raising capital, to operating in accordance with a business plan, to selling the asset and distributing the revenue, each step is critical to the success of the overall picture and each participant is owed a specific fee.
Opal Group’s 2020 Real Estate Investment Summit is centered on the “fourth asset class,” commercial real estate—today a capital market instrument as much as the stock or bond market. Our program agenda will explore the roles of public and private real estate, as well as equity and debt. Like the asset class itself, the people  attending and participating in the Real Estate Investment Forum are vibrant and outward looking.
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