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GlobalARC: Driving Growth - Institutional Sales & Marketing in the Investment Management Industry

January 25 — 27, 2021
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Global ARC Institutional Marketer brings together some of the marketing industry’s most prominent academics, authors, and leading sales and marketing professionals from the institutional investment management community.

The aim of the event is to create an objective forum for evidence-based research, purposeful collaborations, industry best practice and insights, and a uniquely convivial atmosphere for virtual networking amongst fellow institutional business development, sales, and marketing professionals.
The CAIA Community is eligible for a 40% discount (applied at checkout). 
On January 25, join CAIA CEO Bill Kelly for his co-hosted panel on Negotiating the Sweet Spot: The Art of Leaving Nothing on the Table
Learn more about Negotiating the Sweet Spot: The Art of Leaving Nothing on the Table:
Negotiating is a vital skill for everyone. Negotiating the Sweet Spot walks you through simple and proven techniques for negotiations that are beneficial for all parties involved.
Everyone negotiates.
Whether it is in life or in business, negotiating is a part of our everyday lives — so it’s important to get it right.

Negotiating the Sweet Spot walks people of all skill and experience levels through simple and proven techniques that are sure to result in better outcomes for all parties and that uncover the hidden value that exists in any negotiation.

The art of leaving nothing on the table.
On average, people leave about 20% of potential mutual gains untapped in any negotiation. This is akin to taking 20% of the value in any deal and dumping it into a garbage canister. Finding that hidden 20%, the “sweet spot,” is a skill that takes practice but is also one that anybody can learn.