Event Profile

DDC Global Investor Summit 2024

March 5, 2024
Event Details:
The DDC Global Investor Summit 2024, taking place on March 5 at the Chelsea FC Stadium in London, is a premier event in alternative investing and credit management. The annual summit brings together global executives, investors, family offices, LPs, GPs, and industry professionals for a day of networking and idea sharing. The event, featuring CAIA as a lead knowledge partner, will focus on showcasing the latest trends in alternatives, secondary market trades, LP allocations, NPL investments, co-lending, ESG requirements, and more, fostering connections and strategic partnerships. Attendees can expect valuable discussions with industry leaders in our expert panels.
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Selection of panels:

● Diversifying with Distressed and Alternatives: Portfolio Perspectives

● Turnaround Tactics: Restructuring and Revitalising Distressed Assets Worldwide

● Focus on the Middle East: Credit Investing and New Developments

● European REO Portfolios: Expert Views for Investors

● Private Credit Market Insights

● Global NPL Investing Opportunities: Unlocking Value in Distressed Debt Markets

● Brazilian Alternative Investments: Expert Market Intelligence

● Effective Business Strategies in China's Asset Management Sector

● Strategies Unveiled: Family Office Investing in Illiquid Assets