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SVCA Conference 2023 - Asia and the World: Inside the Dynamics of a Changing Relationship

June 7, 2023
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As the world resets from the pandemic amidst persistent geopolitical uncertainties, investors are increasingly asking: what are the implications for Asia-focused funds and businesses? Is technology going to continue to disrupt how businesses evolve and grow, and drive how private capital continues to be deployed? Or will the looming recession whet the appetite for real assets in a highly diversified, fragmented region, making some markets more attractive than others?
Join SVCA on 7 June as they gather the movers and shakers in the region, from policy makers to business owners, investors, fund managers and the service providers who help to complete this ecosystem in Asia's most exciting market: Singapore. This is a must-attend event for senior professionals from the Venture and Private Capital sector, where they promote mindshare and discuss pertinent topics facing the industry today. CAIA Members enjoy Partner Rates using the Promo Code SVCACONFERENCE-CAIA2023. Sign Up Today!