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2022 China Carbon Trade & ESG Investment Development Summit

July 8, 2022
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Venue: Shanghai Marriott Hotel Riverside
In 2021, the cumulative transaction volume in the first performance cycle on the national carbon emissions trading market was 179 million tons, and the cumulative transaction volume exceeded 7.6 billion Yuan, and the completion rate of compliance was 99.5%, beyond expectations. In the future, the national carbon market will gradually expand the covered scope of industries, further improve carbon pricing and carbon trading mechanisms and rules, and explore and promote carbon financial innovations such as forward trading, swap trading, etc., allowing institutional investors to enter the market for trading, and thus striving to facilitate the volume of spot and derivatives transactions to exceed 2 billion tons, and to facilitate the transaction volume to exceed 100 billion Yuan in 2025.
In the meanwhile, China's ESG market was developing rapidly. In 2021, the size of ESG market was double compared to that in 2020, reaching 500 billion Yuan, and the volume of green bonds also reached 500 billion Yuan, and the balance of green credit exceeded 14 trillion Yuan. If a hotbed was created for ESG development in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", a crucial step in the new journey will be ushered in 2022. This step is sure to be highly consistent with the global vision of sustainable development. China will usher in a major ESG development period driven by its own high-quality development and the international sustainable development trend.
To cultivate new opportunities in the reform, and to open a new situation in the changing situation. CFAF together with a number of authoritative organizations, will hold the "2nd China Carbon Trade & ESG Investment Development Summit" on July 8, 2022, in Shanghai, and authoritative organizations and experts in the global carbon market and ESG fields will be invited to jointly focus on opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market.
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