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We understand the need for Members to have continued access to fresh perspectives, industry insights, and leading-edge knowledge that not only benefit their clients but satisfy their unending intellectual curiosity.

In a rapidly evolving industry, a diverse skill set, and interdisciplinary knowledge have become crucial for responsible long-term asset stewardship. From portfolio construction to thematic investing trends, geopolitics to regulatory considerations, and technological innovations - staying well-informed is now a fundamental requirement.

Quarterly Mark, published by the CAIA Association, is expertly curated to meet the unique needs of the global CAIA community. It is developed with thoughtfully selected articles from various investment journals woven together with a unifying narrative.

The result? A superior experience that ensures CAIA Members are at the forefront of the latest developments in the investment world!

Quarterly Mark, Volume 1, Issue No. 1

September 2023

Our inaugural issue of Quarterly Mark is aptly titled Next is Here. The name rightly reflects a new age of capital allocation for which greater diversification and broader expertise are indispensable. We believe CAIA Association sits at that intersection of past and future and therefore this issue contains articles devoted to highlighting some of the most significant advancements in alternatives in recent years that are shaping the industry.

Featured Articles
  • From Alternative to Mainstream: Evolution during the Past 30 Years and Key Trends and Challenges for the Decades to Come
  • Perspectives on Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Investing in Interesting Times
  • The Demographic Transition and Investment Returns
  • Coming to Portfolios Near You: Investment Ideas You Should Be Paying More Attention To (The Sequel)
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    Quarterly Mark, published since 2023 by the CAIA Association, is a magazine publication of expertly curated industry journal articles selected to provide practical knowledge and new perspectives from Association leadership.


    Quarterly Mark is available exclusively to current CAIA Members in March, June, September, and December.


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